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2022-09-26 07:54:30

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Today we bring a guide where we will tell you what is the best PC configuration for Modern Warfare 2.

What is the point of talking about Best PC Build for Modern Warfare 2?

 Simply, to have the opportunity to enjoy this game from our best comfort, whether we are playing it on console or PC, in this case we must know this configuration, even when this game is usually in beta it is necessary to take advantage of the content to the max.

 Knowing the best PC configuration for Modern Warfare 2 is a necessary task to execute, here we are faced with the possibility of making some necessary modifications, this can at a certain point alter part of the game, but that is what it is about, looking for our best way to feel comfortable when play, to show good fortune there are various settings that we can alter, such is the case of graphics or FPS, this allows us to modify the game at our convenience.

What is the best PC setup for Modern Warfare 2?

 These modifications that we are detailing here are usually based on PC, this allows us to adapt the game for better comfort, this applies to a medium to high-end PC and they are the following:
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Full Screen as Display Mode.

Disabled on Restrict mouse to game window.

Display monitor allowing any monitor you want the game to appear on

Display adapter to our main graphics card

It is ideal to place the screen refresh rate as high as possible.

Screen resolution 1920 × 1080.

Set Dynamic Resolution to Off.

Set Automatic to Aspect Ratio.

Disabled for V-Sync in game.

Disabled for –Sync in Menus.

Custom for Custom frame rate limit.

Custom game frame rate cap for whatever your monitor's highest refresh rate may be.

60 as Menu Custom Frame Rate Limit.

30 as Minimized game custom frame rate limit.

2.2 (sRGB) as Display Gamma

Set the 65 Brightness.

Off for Focus Mode.

Off for High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Place Custom for Quality Presets.

Set Render Resolution to 100.

Enabled for CAS Fidelity.

Set to 75 Strength AMD Fideltity CAS.

Smoothing: SMAA T2X

Set Close Level of Detail to High: High

Set Medium the Texture Resolution: Medium

Set the Anisotropic Texture Filter to Medium: Medium

Set Particle Quality to High: High

Place On Bullet Impacts and Aerosols: On

Set Normal Shading Quality.

Put only nearby the Tessellation.

Set Off Texture streaming on demand.

Set the Transmission Quality to Normal.

Set the Resolution of the shadow map to Low.

Set the Spot Shadow Quality to Normal.

Set On for Spot Shadow Cache.

Turn On for Cashe Sun Shadows.

Place Normal Particle Lighting.

Set Off Ambient Occlusion.

Put SSR Off.

Place Enabled NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Enhancer: Enabled Enhancer

Set Depth of Field to Off.

Set World Motion Blur Off: Off

Set Weapon Motion Blur Off: Off

Set the Film Grain to 0.00.

Set the Field of View to 103.

Set ADS Field of View to Affected: Affected

Modify Default Weapon Field of View.

Set the Third Person Field of View to 90.

Set the vehicle's Field of View to Default.

Set First Person Camera Movement to 50.

Set 3rd Person Camera Movement to 50.


This is everything you need to know about the best PC configuration for Modern Warfare 2, you just have to place it in the same way as it is listed here and in this way you will have a perfect configuration to run this game.

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