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The changes are good and that is why today we will explain to you The best controller configuration in Modern Warfare 2.

What does it mean to have the best controller setup in Modern Warfare 2?

  As we get into this game we are allowed to have some improvements and modifications that allow us to get the best out of this game as possible, the best control configuration allows us to have a change that allows us to unwrap more easily, To our good fortune we have access to various mods and they may be available once this game is released.

What is the best controller setup in Modern Warfare 2?

  This configuration applies to several mechanics in this game and they are:

In the case of tickets

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  • Apply Tactical to change the crouch and body buttons to leather only with the preset button configuration.
  • Count von personal preference and for this we flip L1/R1 with L2/R2.
  • Set the Stick Layout Preset as Default.
  • Set Controller Vibration to Off.
  • Put the Activation Effect on Off, this applies to the PS5.


 In the case of aim we apply.


  •  6 in Horizontal Stick Sensitivity.
  • 6 in Vertical Stick Sensitivity.
  • 1.0 in the case of ADS Sensitivity Multiplier.


 For the sensitivity multiplier it is necessary to apply.

  • 1.00 in the case of Third person.
  • 1.00 in the case of land vehicles.
  • 1.00 applies to air vehicles.
  • 1.00 applies for the tablet.


 Controller setup mechanics as played.


  •  Set Hold for Aim Down Behavior.
  • Set Tactical Auto Sprint for Auto Sprint.
  • Apply Keep to Team Behavior.
  • Apply Melee ADS for Weapon Mount Activation.
  • Set Prioritize Reload for Interaction Behavior.
  •  Apply one for Armor Plate Behavior.


 In the case of advanced it is possible to apply.


  •  On for Aim Assist.
  • Default for Support Tupo.
  • Dynamic for Target Response Curve Type.
  • 1.0 for ADS Sens Multiplier.
  • Snapshot for ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing.
  • Set Custom Zoom Sensitivity to Off.


 In the case of the input dead zone we apply.


  •  0.05 for Left Lever min.
  • 0.05 for the right stick min.
  • 0.9 for Left Joystick Max.
  • 0.99 for the right stick Max.
  • 0.00 applies for the left and right Trigger.


 In the case of movement behaviors we apply:


 0.00 for the left or right trigger.


 In the case of movement behaviors we apply.

  •  Toggle for Sprint/Tactical Sprint Behavior.
  • Set Auto-Advance to Off, unless the joystick breaks.
  • One Touch Sprint for Tactical Sprint Behavior.
  • Disabled for grounded Mantle.
  • Place Partial for the Airborne Cloak.
  • Set to Off on Automatic Ground Cloak.
  • Standard for Reverse slip and plunge behavior.
  • Movement to dive under water.
  • Set On for Door Slam on the run.
  • Activated for Automatic Parachute Deployment.
  • Set Door Slam Running to On.


 In the case of combat behaviors we must.


  •  Set Off for ADS Stick Swap.
  • Interrupt for the interrupt behavior.
  • On for Weapon Mount Movement Output.
  • Medium in the case of Weapon mount output delay.
  • Set the Ammo Depleted Switch On.
  • Activated for C4 Rapid Detonation.


 In the case of Behavior of the vehicle we must.


  •  Set Short Delay for Vehicle Camera Recenter.
  • Set Free Gaze to the initial camera position.


 In the case of Overlay Behavior.


  •  Toggle for marker behavior.
  • Moderate in the case of Ping Wheel Delay.
  • Moderate for double tap hazard ping delay.


 We can conclude this guide on The best command configuration in Modern Warfare 2, we just have to apply these changes and that's it.

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