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Lidia Rozo
2022-09-26 15:47:11

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Modifications are usually vital in weapons, let's see what is the Best FTAC Recon Loadout Modern Warfare 2 class.

What is the point of having FTAC Recon COD MW2 Best Build?

  Having the opportunity to apply some accessories and thus have a much more powerful weapon, this allows our weapon to be stronger, this assault rifle can become a true companion, it has some interesting qualities, such is the case of the Forceful Strike, so applying these improvements offers us the opportunity to get the most out of this weapon as possible and to give you more details about it we have brought this guide.

What is Best FTAC Recon Loadout Modern Warfare 2?

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  • Barrel: Bull Rider 16.5/ Tempus Trench Pro
  • Lower barrel: Forge- TAC Ripper 56
  • Magazine: 5-Round Mag
  • Optics: Cronen Mini Red Dot/SZ Reflex
  • Ammunition: .458 Frangible
  • Stock: Fade Pro Stock Demo/ Precision Elite Factory Demo
  • Rear grip: Sakin ZX grip



  •  scavenger
  • battle hardened
  • Quick solution.


 With accessories we manage to improve aim and sight, in addition to achieving considerable improvements in damage production.

We have a barrel that offers us more recoil control and is usually an excellent option to dominate the weapon, as well as giving us more bullet speed and damage accuracy.

We have a lower barrel that usually offers us better precision from the hip, as well as stability in the aim of this weapon and to this we can add the ammunition with which we can do more damage.

The qualities allow us to go a step forward, in the case of scavenger we manage to collect bullets from the corpses, on the other hand, battle hardened allows us to suffer less from grenades, enemy attacks and stunning, the quick solution usually offers us to recover our health from instantly just by killing enemies and capturing some items.

 This is all we know about Best FTAC Recon Loadout Modern Warfare 2, it should be noted that this is not the definitive list, this is because when the game is released we will have other advantages to apply.

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