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MLB The Show 20: How To Open Card Packs - Tips and tricks

2020-03-18 14:33:20

Having fun has never been more interesting because at MLB The Show 20, we are offered the possibility of knowing how to open letter packages

What can we say about the card packages in MLB The Show 20?

It is not the first time that card packages appear, since in the case of FIFA Ultimate Team there is a game mode where you can access them, the good thing about all this is that there are several ways to win them, only that we usually make use of in some way and it is through the opening of letter packages, which are usually placed on menus, only today we prepare a guide to tell you exactly where to find them while having fun practicing baseball.

How to open card packages in MLB The Show 20?

The card packs come with the version of the game that we have purchased, so the first time we play it we can get ourselves a considerable amount of cards, a whole deck, the detail here is to move through the main menu, since we do not get it in a specific place especially if we stay in the Diamond Dynasty mode.

Now, let's start using the card packages, for this we open the Diamond Dynasty mode from the main menu, after having created our team, because this is the first thing we must do, then we will move to the Store tab, then go to the icon that is located on the right side of Packs, there we will click on it so that we are presented with 2 options, only that we must choose Open Packs.

The most interesting thing about this matter of packages is that those that we have not yet opened can display them on our screen and from there we can go from one icon to another opening the packages, this will be done card by card if we want to do it calmly or if we want it to be faster we reveal all the packages at once, the important thing here is that the cards are available, the method to use can be the one that suits us best or simply the one that best suits us, since we are not conditioned.

Now that you know how to open letter packages, it's just a matter of all of you going through this simple process and getting the necessary entertainment that only MLB The Show 20 can provide.

PlayStation 4 PS4
SIE San Diego Studio
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date:
March 17, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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