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MLB The Show 20: How to makes Hit and Home Runs - Tips and tricks

2020-03-17 09:41:38

It can be a challenge for us to learn how to hit and home runs in MLB The Show 20 and that is why we will rely on this explanatory guide.

When we play MLB The Show 20 we will notice that in this edition some very important changes have been presented, in relation to the PCI it will be one of the factors, in this way it is possible that we have more access to the information regarding hitting correctly and even connect home runs, so we have more details, in this guide we will discover How to hit and home runs, we just have to pay attention in the following explanation.

What should we know about the PCI in MLB The Show 20?

With the arrival of a new PCI, a new configuration regarding the default hitting, will not only show us in contact with a batter that we are using through a smaller inner circle, but will also teach us the vision of the plate, in previous versions we had that this was an average of 2 and it was not something exact, which made many of us get frustrated by it, certainly hitting is not something that we can do perfectly in the game but Yes, it will be much better than before, so let's see how to hit and home runs.

How to hit in MLB The Show 20?

To do a Hit with this PCI, what we must do is use the left analog to have control of where to put the PCI and the objective that we are going to have is to move it as close as possible to the center of the inner circle, which will make our contact is better, if we are far away the contact will be bad, now doing this well, we just have to have the balance with the bat time, since arriving sooner or later also results in poor contact, despite being Following the PCI correctly, the balanced time as the precision of the PCI will be important to hit the ball, if the difficulty is less the more chance we will have to know how to hit and home runs.

The newest thing that the PCI brings in reality is the perfect / perfect points, which we will be seeing in the center of the inner circle that the PCI has, as long as the point is larger towards the upper point, the inclination will indicate that it is a power hitter and the diamonds below are inclined for better contact, this being the line hitters that will move the players who are on the field, if we can align the points with the ball and we get to combine them in a perfect synchrony, the hits we will give will be of quality in our game.

If we are looking for contact instead of power, we should simply use the X when swinging, but it is possible that using the circle we will have greater possibilities of hitting the ball, only that the power will be noticeably decreased, if we want to put the ball is where the circle will enter, to move a runner or to avoid a double elimination of rest we will use the X to look for a Hit, let's continue with a lot of remaining content regarding How to hit and home runs, let's see what happens next.

How to home runs in MLB The Show 20?

Of all the hits we have that in MLB The Show 20 the Home Runs represent more difficulty to achieve them, only that there are some tips to make them easier to achieve, with the square button we will increase the force when hitting the ball, certainly We will lose contact to gain more strength.

It means that the PCI will be more complicated, for that reason we have to always be vigilant, now if we are practical we can take advantage of giving many home runs, but if the opposite happens it is possible that we will get a fly pop easily, in search of home runs it is possible in MLB The Show 20 use the perfect / perfect points, in the case of power hitters we have to take the ball in the direction of the top point for these hitters who have a great top point, with synchrony our swing will be of great power and achieving the angle Perfect for hitting a home run and so we are on the lookout for hitting and home runs with a little practice.

Finally we can say that we already know how to hit and home runs in MLB The Show 20, which will help us to have better performance and entertainment.

PlayStation 4 PS4
SIE San Diego Studio
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release date:
March 17, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer

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