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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-10-27 17:27:41

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In this article we prepare everything you need to know about how to build a well in Minecraft.

What is a well in Minecraft?

On how to build a well, the first thing you have to know is that it is not an object but a construction, the well represents the center of a village, as well as being an infinite source as long as it is well built. But it is not only good that it is functional, the idea is that it also looks interesting, so here we are going to tell you how to build a well in Minecraft.

How to build a well in Minecraft?

For the construction of the well, we have divided the article into several parts, to make it easier to understand the construction process in which we will make a simple red stone circuit and some nifty optical tricks that will make it functionally and aesthetically interesting.

How to build a well in Minecraft - Materials?

There are several ingredients that are going to be necessary, so we list them so that you can go looking for them little by little:
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  • 26 dark oak boards.
  • Three dark oak planks.
  • Four flashlights.
  • A sticky piston.
  • A piece of red stone dust.
  • A redstone repeater.
  • 15 spruce logs.
  • 12 fir traps.
  • 12 spruce wood planks.
  • A red stone comparator.
  • Three droppers.
  • A hopper.
  • A lever.
  • Three chains.
  • A millstone.
  • A disposable item of any kind.
  • A cauldron.
  • A pressure plate from a stone.
  • Six stone and brick walls.
  • Two cobblestone walls.
  • 30 wooden fences.
  • 23 stone bricks.
  • A brick slab of a stone.

Once you have all the necessary materials, of course you will keep wondering how to build a well in Minecraft, but luckily you will be quite advanced, so let's continue.

How to build a well in Minecraft - How it works?

The key on how to build a well in Minecraft is that the operation is that a piston pushes a cauldron full of water up when you go up to the slab, and then lowers the cauldron again when you leave, at this point the cauldron will retract to be filled with water from the infinite fountain.

How to build a well in Minecraft - Construction.?

The first thing you have to do is dig a 5x5 hole one block deep> then you will have to dig a 3x3 hole two blocks deep in the corner of the 5x5 hole, with the nearest side of the hole being the front of the well .

On the right side of the well you will have to place a sticky piston facing up in the center of the 5x5 well, with two opaque blocks of any kind to the right of it, including the sand you dug up> then you will have to place a piece of dust from red stone on the farthest block> a repeater coming out of that same block> a comparator going into the other> and a dropper next to the repeater, looking up, and then placing a dropper on top of that dropper looking to the left. Then you will have to place a dropper facing to the right next to the comparator> then place a hopper on top of that dropper that goes down into it> then place any object in the upper dropper.

The next thing on how to build a well in Minecraft will be to place a cauldron on the sticky piston> then you will have to fill all the empty spaces in the 3x3 hole with the sand that you have dug up.

At this point you must bear in mind that it is very important that the air blocks are filled so that the red stone can work, so fill the 5x5 hole with stone bricks and leave an open cross in the middle> then place a plate pressure of stone on the block that is above the red stone dust.

The next thing will be to place four water fountains in the four outer blocks of the cross to make an infinite fountain in the center, completing the mechanics of the well.

By stepping on the pressure plate once, the mechanism is activated which raises the cauldron to draw water and by stepping on it a second time will lower the cauldron and fill it.

To decorate the well you will have to use a stone brick tile and place it on the water source closest to the pressure plate> then use using some stone bricks you will have to cover the other sources and then fill the corners with walls of stone brick and then place two end walls on each side of the pressure plate.

Later you will have to place two cobblestone walls on the left side and on the right some raised bricks and two wooden beams on top of these> place three horizontal fir logs through the two fences and then a lever to the side. Use the lever so that it is facing down and put a chain underneath to look like a hanging hook.

Use a millstone to put it under the central log and two chains under it to make it like a pulley that will give a very interesting illusion when the well mechanism works.

For the roof place 12 spruce wood traps protruding from the wood logs to the front and bottom of the shaft> then use a line of spruce wood planks over each of the two internal rows of hatches and lay two layers of wooden planks on the log beam.

A dark oak plank over the exterior hatches and the bottom two rows of spruce planks will give a very nice look.

Then on top of the spruce boards lay whole dark oak blocks and use some fir logs looking up to the left and right of each row of fir boards> then put a spruce board on top of each log and some spruce boards next to the lower logs on the two sides of the roof.

To finish you will have to put some wooden fences around the 5x5 stone brick platform, which will make the well stand out at night.

 That is all we have to tell you about how to build a well in Minecraft, keep in mind that from the decoration you can do whatever you want and decorate it to your liking, as long as of course, the operation of the well is not altered in the process.

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