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SnowRunner: How to fix Lag, Crashing and Stuttering

2020-05-06 13:17:24

Our guide today on SnowRunner leads us to explain how to fix Lag, crashes and stuttering, let's see.

 It is practically something of the most normal thing to get us with some errors in the juices because in one way or another these are always present and precisely SnowRunner has not been left aside, so today we bring an explanatory guide about how to solve Lag, Crashing and Stuttering, The good thing is that these problems have a solution.

In order to know how to solve Lag, Crashing and Stuttering, it is simply necessary to first locate ourselves in the minimum requirements and required by the PC game, with the possibility of keeping us constantly updated in SnowRunner.


What are the requirements to play SnowRunner on PC?

  • Have an Intel Core i3- 4130 or AMD Ryzen 3 2200U CPU.
  • Have a Windows 7/8 or 10 64-bit operating system.
  • Have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon R9 270 video card.
  • Have 20 GB of hard disk space.
  • Have an 8 GB RAM.

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How to fix Lag, Crashing and Stuttering in SnowRunner?

If we have the aforementioned requirements and this error still persists, it is simply time to look for other options, for this we need to make some important updates starting first from the graphics card update, since it is necessary to have the latest version from your site or simply the version of DirectX, Visual C and .Net Framework from Microsoft because if we do not have the updates we simply cannot run SnowRunner.


 How to fix Lag, Crashing and Stuttering when SnowRunner doesn't start?

There is the possibility of running the game from the administrator if for some reason it does not start and for this it is only necessary to point with the mouse pointer the shortcut that we want, surely click on PCM to select an appropriate option, because it is good to have enough Of course, it is not possible to get it to be developed on processors that do not support SSE4.1 and 4.2, or Intel Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad or AMD Phenom.

It is worth to be clear that if the entire installation process has been executed correctly and nothing has happened after launch, it is very likely that it is directly associated with the antivirus, for this it will only be necessary to open the folder in which we have installed the game and then we will open the antivirus, and move the found directory to exceptions, as this allows us to run the game or simply disable protection completely but precisely this option is not the most suitable.

In this sense, knowing how to fix Lag, Crashing and Stuttering leads us to carry out some necessary steps and if for some reason it does not start while in Windows 7, it will only be enough to download the KB3080149 update directly from the official Microsoft portal, it is generally the most successful when we are usually presented with an error with advapi.32.


 How to fix Lag, Crashing and Stuttering in SnowRunner if we get the black screen?

While we are playing there is the possibility of encountering this annoying error that causes our screen to go black and this may be due in some way to overheating, which implies the need to make a change to the graphics card, for one that is more powerful.

Sometimes we get the black screen and realize that it can simply be removed by itself after a few minutes, but this error usually occurs when there is a problem that points directly to the drivers, an important option is to update the software, although it is also possible to launch the game in window mode so that the image can appear again and this is done by pressing Alt Enter.


 How to fix Lag, Crashing and Stuttering if SnowRunner closes and freezes?

This is presented as a fairly common error in Nvidia users and for this it is necessary:

  • Open the Nvidia control panel, for this you only need to right-click on the desktop and then proceed to click on the desired option.
  • Then we will have to go to the software configuration section and go for SnowRunner.
  • Then we proceed to look for the Specify Settings for this program tab and there we will uncheck SnowRunner-FXAA.

With the steps outlined above we should expect that the game no longer hangs, but they really are random problems that may be directly linked to the developers, there is also the possibility that this may be happening to us if our processor is overheating, for what average temperature and reducing graphics settings are important options to consider at this point.

How to fix Lag, Crashing and Stuttering in SnowRunner with low FPS?

 These errors can usually be directly linked and can be resolved in this way.

Opening the control panel on our computer and from there select Power to take us to the PC operating modes where it will be necessary to change the option to Productive, being clear that to carry out this process it will be necessary to close all third-party applications, since which can wipe out the RAM or just overheat the CPU.

It is necessary to run CCleaner to remove the garbage from our PC, then it is possible to open the task manager, using Ctrl Alt Del, then we find the game and select High Priority, in addition to taking into account that the FPS are simply some values ​​of Graphic tweaks that can be compromised with some additional Nvidia effects specifically.

Knowing how to fix Lag, Crashing and Stuttering simply leads us to take care of all the actions as possible, even taking into account saving in SnowRunner because sometimes it does not work and this in some way forces us to use Latin letters for what which is necessary to change the name of the folder, as this tends to bother us because there are some Russian letters that normally interfere with the performance of the game.

 Definitely knowing how to solve Lag, Crashing and Stuttering simply allows us to see from a more objective and more calm side all the content that SnowRunner brings to us.

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