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Minecraft: How to tame llamas

2020-04-16 09:14:03

Today we bring you a Minecraft guide where we will explain how to tame llamas with all the necessary details.

 In Minecraft we have one of the most interesting options, which is to tame the animals, which allows them to be used with different possibilities, among them are the horses, these are fast and it is possible to mount them, the wolves, these lend us their protection against the hostile ones, cats, being in charge of keeping vines away and many more that help us with important resources or pets under our control, the matter is that there are many more, among them it is necessary that we know how to tame llamas , in this guide we will find the details to achieve it, we just have to focus our attention on the content.

What should we know about the flames in Minecraft?

 Riding a flame is not possible for this game at least, since it does not accept the saddle even if we get to ride it, the direction that this take will not be in our control, for it will be the horses, but despite everything this is possible that with some mods the flame can be mounted, to know how to tame flames we have to continue reading.

How to tame llamas in Minecraft?

 In order to tame the flames, they are found in nature, tame them consists of the same situation as with horses, without being able to ride them, hearts will appear if we try to ride them many times, when we are on the track it is possible that Other flames follow us, in case of giving a clue to a llama, regardless of whether or not they are already domesticated they will follow us, the same effect occurs when tying another, the limits for this do not exist, the theft of these from the merchants can also be used, the only detail is that it is not possible to breed them, just by taking the traces of the merchant we could take the flame, at some point the flame will want to return and what it does is pull the strap, without We cede this, it ends up accepting, using force with the merchant could be a mistake since the flames can spit us, causing us damage, certainly mounting a flame is not possible but the storage capacity makes it very useful for us, transporting objects, even mobile storage if we equip it with a chest, depending on the strength of the flame, its capacity to store, it must be reproduced and reach be more strong.

Those that can be raised are the domesticated ones, depending on the edition in which we are, the ones that we get to steal cannot reproduce, it is very different with the horses that are going to require special items, hay bales are necessary for the flames, This is because their strength ranges from one to five, the random strength will be in the case of the young, from the lowest to the strength that the father has, there is a 3 percent chance that a young may have more strength than their Parents, in the first games the domestication of the flames lends an incredible usefulness, in case of finding them, with its abilities to find a base or obtain the resources, both the flame and our cargo we can give protection by domesticating the wolves.

  Finally, now that we know the details of How to tame llamas, we can go ahead and enjoy Minecraft.

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18 November 2011
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