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Call of Duty Warzone: how to use stealth and sound to attack

2020-04-15 15:24:55

Call of Duty Warzone has for us a number of ways to make us feel, let's go how to use stealth and sound to beat.

What are the most powerful weapons in Call of Duty Warzone?

 Probably most would think of a firearm, but although they certainly play a valuable and essential role, stealth and sound are undoubtedly quite necessary weapons and play an interesting role, as they end up becoming a key element for our victories, since causing a death with a knife can cause some impact but simply remains silent to such an extent that the enemy will not know that we have attacked him, so knowing how to use stealth and sound simply allow us to attack opponents only that we must be extremely cautious because that does not mean that we can wander comfortably to do so.

How to use stealth and sound to stay alive in Call of Duty Warzone?

 This is a game that simply allows us to play moderately comfortable during the day, but the shadows are not exactly a most pleasant factor, since it is necessary to stay low and in total silence, each minimum movement having a certain cost, thereby allowing it to be the enemies who come to us, because with this we can get the advantage to be on our side quickly.

 The shootings and the action of bullets and ammunition are definitely an attraction in Call of Duty Warzone but not all the time or all the action should take place in this way, sometimes knowing how to use stealth and sound can keep us alive, since the most suitable in This point is to do everything possible to go unnoticed, because this in itself may be a survival strategy, since we do not want to meet snipers, so instead it is possible to choose to keep the low profile while hiding.

 Although this game presents some changes between the methods of stealth and sound, it is possible to keep them this way, especially when we are already in the final part, because knowing how to use stealth and sound implies achieving an important victory.

What can be the friends of stealth in Call of Duty Warzone?

 Firstly, it is good to keep in mind that stealth itself requires an amalgam of fast but silent movements, at this point there is no need to use ADS, we can choose another silencer for any weapon, because in this case the sound passes to a background where it will not be necessary at least for now and this is mainly due to the modification we make to our weapons, although the best weapon that we can use without hesitation where stealth can be applied is knives, these simply do not require additional elements, that where it is worth highlighting how to use stealth and sound

 The tactic in Call of Duty Warzone is generally based on sound but this really puts us between a rock and a hard place in some eventualities, `since we cannot allow enemies to hear our steps, our movements, because we know how to use stealth and sound here they are highly vital to keep us alive, it is also possible to incorporate some weapons such as the HDR or the AX-50 as they can be paired with a silenced SMG.

 Is sound an advantage at Call of Duty Warzone?

 Knowing how to use stealth and sound can simply be taken as fundamental strategies to achieve victories, because although the game has a large number and variety of weapons it only depends on the strategy used to achieve victory, since nothing works if we do not carry out a tactical plan well complete.

 The ears function practically as a receiver in this game, because it is necessary to be attentive to every minimum movement, since here both the ears and the eyes play a crucial role, because just by giving an excellent use to the sound there is the possibility of eliminating opponents easily, considering that studying the sound we can get the opposing teams to enter a safe area.

 Applying the best strategies to stay alive and achieve victory depends on knowing how to use stealth and sound, because specifically knowing the sound allows us to mark a small line between dying or winning, since this includes espionage as a necessary method. To this we can apply a phenomenal strategy and it is the possibility of making a shootout between two or more different teams possible, as this allows us to achieve an advantage where we can get away with it, especially based on the possibility of having to leave when being stuck and unfortunately being the last element of a squad, like seeing stealth and sound are really two sharp weapons that are good companion in Call of Duty Warzone.

 This is all we need to know about how to use stealth and sound, because with this it is possible to be victorious in an extremely moved game like Call of Duty Warzone.

COD Warzone, CODW, Call of Duty WZ
Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4
Battle royale, first-person shooter
Infinity Ward
Release date:
March 10, 2020
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