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Call of Duty Warzone: Contracts Guide

2020-04-15 15:25:11

We have decided to take a tour of Call of Duty Warzone in order to detail everything about the contract guide.

 The importance of making contracts in this game represents some very interesting implications, since we are offered the possibility of spending money at some buying stations, since obviously contracts normally have a certain value at Call of Duty Warzone and this in turn offers us some rewards, because these contracts themselves offer us the possibility of getting money and looting.

What is the importance of contracts in Call of Duty Warzone?

Just by completing a number of contracts it is possible to get rewards, since each of them implies the possibility of having bonuses that can simply allow us to get some type of increase that has an impact on contracts.

Normally contracts in Call of Duty Warzone offer their own point of sale and allow us to lock ourselves in the contract when purchased for at least 5 minutes, this is where choosing the best is the ideal not to know how much time will be invested, since normally they usually present us with some kind of additional contribution and they are simply valuable opportunities.

The contracts that we manage to finish in Call of Duty Warzone allow us to achieve a surprising increase, because with only performing about 4 it is possible to reach a figure of 310 percent starting from a base of just 40 percent, only that the possibility of increasing it is considerable and in a fairly short period of time it is possible to have a bank with which we can pay absolutely everything we require.

How to get the Recon contract in Call of Duty Warzone?

This is a contract where the strategy to use is quite simple, since it is mainly based on reconnaissance, since at this point exploring is a fundamental factor, especially based on the need to mobilize through clay and high terrain where snipers are at the agenda and it is necessary to join the team to cover the area.

This is a recognition contract that once it has been completed offers us the possibility of placing ourselves among the top 0 in Call of Duty Warzone, as this implies having higher chances of winning the game, since it usually makes us more powerful, in addition to getting the possibility of acquiring equipment while we work.

This contract leads us to mobilize in various areas where it is possible to get some amount of loads and money, as these are valuable tools that we can get while we are conducting the reconnaissance, since the possibility of carrying out the explorations brings with it more opportunities to execute fullness of contracts.

How to get the Scavenger contract at Call of Duty Warzone?

We must be clear that the contracts themselves in this game have the purpose of getting money, there are those who assure that it would not be the most recommended, but making them simply depends on their own decision, but it is voluntary since for many these rewards are important and in In some cases some degree of difficulty may be seen.

Generally, making a contract in Call of Duty Warzone requires the need to get three different resources, and this particular one offers us the possibility of getting rewards little by little as progress is made, but obviously in the end we will get the most amount of loot of supplies.

Scavenger contracts are undoubtedly an excellent option to get weapons and money, especially if we roll with any luck and manage to access some area that has been looted, for some the contracts may seem useless because possibly there is another way later to get the necessary weapons, but it is wrong to want some money.

How to get the Bounty contract at Call of Duty Warzone?

The contracts in this game have their role, because with them we can get a considerable amount of money, we also have the opportunity to get some rewards such as Hearbeat or Ghost simply become a goal to achieve, especially in a game where the nature of the teams is to stay on their feet, perhaps this has a certain impact on the possibility of playing aggressively, since at this point there is the opportunity to hunt a player and thereby obtain a payment that is quite significant.

Probably leaving some contract unfinished may be some option, and this could allow us to obtain some passive income without having to be directly active, here we must have two possibilities to cancel the contracts because they are simply not profitable or continue them moderately short because there is possibility to get an independent credit this before the possibility that the player with whom we can get ourselves dies.

 Now that you have knowledge about the contracts in Call of Duty Warzone it is time to choose whether or not to carry them out, just keep in mind that they can give you money that can be used at some time.

COD Warzone, CODW, Call of Duty WZ
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Battle royale, first-person shooter
Infinity Ward
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March 10, 2020
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