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We welcome you to our Minecraft guide, where we will explain how to tame a parrot.

What to know about Minecraft?

In this incredible adventure it is possible to domesticate many animals, among which are parrots, certainly there are many birds that can be considered part of the fun, while others can be very useful as in this case, this animal is capable of making sound imitations, so it allows us to indicate the existence of an intruder, with such details it is appropriate to know how to tame a parrot, and we will see it below.
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    How to tame a parrot in Minecraft?

    Once we find it and feed it with seeds until it is full, it is necessary that for its domestication we do the following:


    •   The seeds: the feeding of the parrot is a priority, so collecting the seeds is the first thing we will do, the most common are wheat, melon, pumpkin and beets, through the herbs we can obtain them when we pierce them.
    • The biome: we have to go to the jungle biome to find the parrot
    • The Parrot: it is important to be attentive to the parrots, these being of different colors such as green, red, cyan, blue and gray
    • Tame: when we have found it, we only take the seeds and feed it, which allows it to be tamed once the heart icon appears on it, confirming that it has been tamed.

      Finally, now that we know how to tame a parrot we can use an important resource for our fun and progress in Minecraft.

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