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Delve into the universe of Minecraft, because today we are going to tell you How to make concrete.

What to know about concrete in Minecraft?

It is a very useful material for the construction of walls as solid as a rock, even something that is available in different colors, thereby achieving various design options, now it is ideal that we understand how to make concrete and to We have the content of this guide that will be presented below, let's see what we find about it.

How to make concrete in Minecraft?

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    What we will do to solve How to make concrete is to apply the same situation as in real life, it is necessary to manufacture concrete powder, which has similarities with the particle objects that are all over Minecraft, so with a shovel we can extract it, For this we interact with the sand or gravel, certainly the key is in the mixture with the water of this powder, which will allow it to become blocks, ideal for construction, highlighting that with water bottles or cauldrons it is not possible to manufacture concrete, not even with the rain, then it is necessary that we have a real water source, so that a free flow is maintained or in turn in the form of a block, the recipe for dust consists of 4 blocks of sand and 4 gravel, on the crafts table these should be placed on the outer edges, having in turn a suitable colorant in the center, thus achieving a total of 8 powder of a specific color of the concrete.

    We certainly have something that is very decorative once we know how to make concrete, making our buildings and structures have a very useful block, considering the variety in colors, the smooth face and its durability, which is above a normal In Minecraft, the combination of colors that can be used as a design is very extensive, we are talking about 16 creatable dyes, even these blocks can be used to make a tone very similar to that of a box, it should be noted that concrete turns out to be harder and more durable that a stone, the resistance to the explosion does turn out to be very low, then these structures can be compromised by Creepers and TNT, for the concrete blocks to be colored, the use of colored concrete powder should be considered, because A made block cannot be presented in different colors, instead the powder creation recipe must be added previously.

    Now that you know how to make concrete, just do it and enjoy all the advantages of it to have fun in Minecraft.

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