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PS5 has recently arrived to allow us to enjoy more and this allows us to explain how to fix the blinking blue light.

What causes the blinking blue light in PS5?

  This is a real drawback that we come across these days, in this sense, knowing how to fix the blinking blue light leads us to tell you that this failure usually originates due to the defective solder under the APU on the motherboard, this light Usually referred to as the light of death, this light appears as a flicker in the center of the PS5 that turns on and off.

How to fix blinking blue light on PS5?

  You need to put in some practical tips and this simply translates to:
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    Start in safe mode: this can be classified as the first option to apply to know how to fix the blinking blue light, in such a way that it is necessary to:


    •  Turn off the PS5 just by pressing the power button on the front.
    • Press and hold the power button until the second beep is heard in such a way that it indicates that I start in safe mode.
    • Next we connect the remote to the USB cable.
    • We proceed to press the PS5 button on the remote in order to pair it.
    • Then we will see some options on the screen, where we must locate ourselves in the second option and read.


     Choose to change the video output:
    this is another action favorable enough to solve this inconvenience of the console, in such a way that knowing How to fix the blinking blue light, as this may be related to the configuration you launch the first time to the console , this leads us to consider:


    •  Select "Change video output".
    • Then proceed to "Change resolution".
    • Then we select "OK" so that our PS5 can restart.
    • Next we select the video output resolution.


     Renew system software automatically
    : We continue to offer solutions to the question about How to fix the blinking blue light and choosing to update can be a viable action for which it is necessary:


    •  Go to "Settings" with the help of DualSense.
    • Then we select "System".
    • Next we select "System software update and configuration".
    • We proceed to establish that the updates can be downloaded and installed automatically.
    • Then we select "Update system software" this will make the PS5 look for updates and that's it.


     Choose to rebuild the PS5 database: this is another alternative that we can apply to solve the failure, for this it will only suffice with:


    •  Connect the remote to a USB cable.
    • Proceed to press the PS5 button on the remote in order to pair.
    • We must press and hold the power button until we hear the second beep in order to make the console start in safe mode.
    • We proceed to locate option number 5 that the screen shows us in order to select "Rebuild database".
    • We proceed to wait a bit while the process is completed and that's it.

    Restart the PS5: this is the last option that we place and therefore it can only be done when we have exhausted the other solutions and we continue to have problems, because here we get everything in our console to be deleted, so that we know how to fix the blinking blue light leads to:


    •  First of all, make a backup copy for which it is necessary to go to "Settings".
    • Then we must locate "Saved data and Settings of games and applications"
    • Then we select "Saved data".
    • We proceed to choose the type of data we want to back up and click "Next".
    • The backup creation process takes place and upon completion it is possible to restart the PS5.
    • Then we must go to "Settings".
    • Then we must go to "System".
    • We proceed to select "System Software".
    • Then "Reset Options"
    • Then "Reset console" and then "Reset".
    • Once this has been done we will be directed to the configuration process and that's it.


    This is all you need to know about How to fix the blinking blue light, as apply any of the solutions provided and continue enjoying your PS5.

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