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Minecraft: How to get Curse of Binding

2020-05-12 12:39:46

Definitely Minecraft has managed to keep us busy enough these days, let's see How to get Curse Link

What is the link curse and what does Minecraft do?

Before knowing how to obtain Link Curse it is necessary to ask ourselves exactly what it is, and that this is nothing more than an enchantment, with the ability to force other players to wear armor, it is an enchantment book, the detail is that when having it is not possible to remove it from our slot, as it is likely to be applied manually.

This book can become a dangerous weapon, it does not really offer benefits to our players, because if for some reason we apply it to a plate while playing in survival mode it is practically impossible to get our player out of there once we have used this enchantment book, it really is not ideal to apply it, it offers several disadvantages in Minecraft.

How to get Curse link in Minecraft?


 To obtain this book of enchantments, it is necessary to have an article that can only be obtained in a treasure chest, to obtain it there is the possibility of applying the Charm of the Sea because it allows us to increase the possibilities of obtaining said treasure that is found in the pyramids , temples, handsome outpost or villages, although it is also possible to fish or exchange the villagers for Enchanted Books, it can work in Minecraft.


 How do you apply the Link Curse to an armor in Minecraft?


 In order to link the armor with the curse it is necessary to use an anvil and to do so it is necessary:

  •  Place 3 iron blocks on the craft table in the top row.
  • Place 1 iron ingot in the bottom slot.
  • 3 ingots in the bottom row.


 Now that we know how to obtain Link Curse it is good to know how it can be applied to an armor, for this it is only necessary to place the piece of armor in one of the grooves using the anvil, then we place the curse of the link on the other in order to remove the armor with the curse included.


 How do I remove the Curse link in Minecraft?


 Unfortunately this is a rather complicated matter because so far there is no way or power that can get this curse removed from any object, which makes us be careful enough when using it, because with regret later we will not achieve anything, previously These types of curses were fixed on the crafting table, but the current versions have managed to eliminate these options, which makes things get a little more complex, but they are simply elements of the game.


 There is a way to do it and that is by getting the armor to reach 0 and obviously it breaks or simply dying, because once we have died the object usually falls, although it is not applicable precisely for all modes, since there is specifically one that it forces to that this must be broken to eliminate the curse and that is when we play Hardcore Minecraft.

 In one way or another it is good to know how to get Curse link and all that it implies, this allows us to play Minecraft with a little more caution.

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18 November 2011
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