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Quick guide on how to grow grapes in Roblox

  Now that the grapes have been added to Skyblock, you should make the most of this opportunity. You can use grapes to make different foods that can now be sold for coins!

How to grow grapes in Roblox?

The first and main thing is that you will have to create a lattice.

This is a new item that is needed to grow grapes in the game.

To build this you will need 30x birch wood and 1 tall grass. The trees you start with are considered generic trees and will give you regular wood.

You need to buy some birch shoots to get the birch wood. These grow in the same way as trees and can be cut with an ax.
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    If you get the birch wood, now all you need is tall grass that you can also get around your island.

    Now that you have a trellis, you can place it anywhere on your island. Now you need a grape seed from the seed vendor. There are 3,000 coins that may seem like a lot but believe me it is a good investment.

    Now sow the seeds on the trellis and voila! has to wait for them to grow up healthy.

    Grapes can be used for baking which now has a purpose in the game! You can bake things and sell them to the new Baker seller. They will buy things like Grape Jam and Jam Sandwich for very good money.

    You can create a kitchen to create more delicacies a Jam Sandwich creating dough with 3x wheat and then bake it over a campfire or in a small oven. Once you have 2x Bread, you can take it back to the Cook Table and combine it with your Grape Jam to create a Jam Sandwich.

     If you learned how to grow grapes in Roblox then don't forget to practice and enjoy the game, good luck!

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