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The action in Minecraft does not stop, so today we are going to tell you how to get an Ender dragon head.

Who is the Ender dragon in Minecraft?

  It is the final boss of the game, the largest one that is more difficult to defeat, being then the final test that must be faced is something that will lead us to use all our abilities, but even so it is ideal to have some support in terms of How to an Ender dragon head and that is what will be explained right now.

How to get an Ender Dragon Head in Minecraft?

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    Killing the dragon will not be enough to get its head, since dying east a portal will open that will take us to the city of the end, access being possible here only by killing the dragon or carrying out the construction of a 1000-block bridge, at the Being here we find a ship that floats in the sky, we have to climb the purple tower that is right next to the ship and we can access, here we face 3 Shulkers, taking into account that distance weapons are useless but The projectiles will be effective, after we pass this obstacle we have to go to the front area of the ship, where the Ender dragon head is and thus it is possible to complete this task with obtaining a reward.

    It is evident that knowing how to get an Ender dragon head allows us to have more fun in Minecraft.

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