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You want to know how to make a regeneration potion, well you have come to the right place to tell you in Minecraft.

What to know about the regeneration potion in Minecraft?

It is one of the many objects that are within our reach in the game, which has a very important role because it is very useful, with regeneration we can constantly regenerate hearts at a certain rate, no matter how full it is. Our food bar, in complicated battles this is a great support, which allows us to improve our performance then, considering the advantages that we can obtain, it is appropriate to know how to make a regeneration potion, so let's see the following content.
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    How to brew a potion of regeneration in Minecraft?

    A production station is the starting point to be able to solve How to make a regeneration potion, for its manufacture it is required to have 3 Cobblestone and a Blaze Rod, taking into account that Nether warts are necessary for any kind of potions, these In Nether they are found, having what is necessary it is possible to create a crafting table, with which we have to put 3 paving stones for the bottom row and in the center the fire bar is placed, certainly finding one of this is complicated Now you have to consider the brewing stalls that are generated in the igloos and the churches of the villages, to convert a glass bottle into potion it is necessary to have glass bottles filled with water in Minecraft. This specific potion requires a series of special ingredients, where Nether is our ideal place to carry out this elaboration process, we have what it takes to solve How to elaborate a regeneration potion are the following:


    •  We get by killing the Ghasts in the Nether to the Tear of these
    • In the underground mines we found Redstone
    • Once the Ghasts, Witches and Creepers die we get gunpowder
    • With a fire bar it is possible to produce fire by adding it to the crafting interface to the fire powder


     When we have the necessary ingredients in Minecraft what we will do now is to proceed to the elaboration of regeneration potions, for this we only have to follow a few steps, then we will put the fire powder in the slot in the upper left corner, which allows activate the support of brewing and potion creation, then the glass bottles that are filled with water will go in the 3 lower slots that present the bottle icon, what comes now is to place in the upper slot that is unfilled to the Nether wart, which allows the creation of 3 uncomfortable potions after a while, which we will leave in the lower slots and add the Ghast tear in the empty upper slot, which will result from this process 3 regeneration potions in about 45 seconds, with the Redstone we can improve the time to 1:30, the only change to be made is that the regeneration potions must be in the lower slots and when adding the pol vora we have the splash potion.

     In this way we finalize our Minecraft guide, now you know how to Craft a regeneration potion, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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