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We are back in the Stardew Valley universe, and it is just to tell you how to play Co-op Online

What to know about Co-op Online play at Stardew Valley?

 This is one of the novelties with which we got in the most recent update, so that knowing how to play Co-op Online, becomes a favorable option that allows us to find even more fun in Stardew Valley than we already had, since it is a game that is available for several platforms, however, there is no possibility of playing between them, only that it is on the same type of console.

How to play Co-op Online in Stardew Valley?

To be able to play Co-op Online it is necessary to start a new game with a new farm, to achieve this it is necessary to follow a total of 5 specific steps and these are:

Start Co-op mode: Our first task to know how to play Co-op Online is to go to the Stardew Valley menu and press the button that we see there in the purple image, this allows us to have the possibility of starting a multiplayer farm just clicking.
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    Start a new farm: we continue our search to know how to play Co-op online and this leads us to:

    • Click Co-op on the start menu.
    • Then we see another menu where the image is highlighted in green which must be selected to start a new farm.
    • There is the possibility to select any of the previous farms or select a new farm in Stardew Valley.


     Configure the options: as we must start a new farm, it will be necessary to establish the initial options, because here there are several types of farms and it is necessary to choose the one that best suits us. On the other hand, each farm can have the amount of about four people with specific areas of Stardew Valley where it is possible to cultivate, these possible options are usually marked in green and are the following:


    •  Profit margin: this is considered a mechanic that allows changing the difficulty, so that we can apply it well to our objective about How to play Co-op online, because with this low option there is the possibility of reducing the amount of gold that we get for some Article.
    • The starting cabins: The maximum capacity that can be in a farm is 4 people, we must always consider that the number of people in a cabin matches the number of the farm, without exception.
    • Money style: There is the opportunity to have your own account, although the option of sharing a bank account among all players is open, as it is an alternative that determines these changes.
    • The arrangement of the cabins: We can choose to have our cabins separate or together, this is optional.


     Get in !: Knowing how to play Co-op online simply allows us to scroll until we reach the multiplayer options, when we have selected the options in the menu, as this opens up the opportunity to invite friends, to our game in Stardew Valley and to That is, there are these options:


    •  Split screen: To make our friend join, it is necessary to make our friend press the button corresponding to the command, for this we must select Local Co-op.
    • Online: It is necessary to invite some friends, but for this we must send an invitation code, for this it is necessary to select invite friend and select show code, to write it and send it to whomever we consider necessary.
    • LAN: In this specific case there is nothing to do, as this would imply knowing the IP address of our PC, in addition to being sure that the main device may be using a multiplayer farm, also that another user can join, and at the end of all Knowing how to play Co-op online with this alternative, it is somewhat more cumbersome, in which it would be simpler not to inquire


     Join the game: Once we have carried out all the previous steps we must go again to the Co-op menu where we are allowed to see a tab highlighted in blue, and it will only be enough to enter the invitation code that is highlighted in pink, we place it and ready. Enjoy Stardew Valley!

     This is all you need to know about how to play cooperative online, because at the end of it all it is a simple and well entertaining task that we can do in Stardew Valley.

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