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2021-01-26 07:55:13

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Today we intend to tell you how to fix the slow download speed, as it is an issue that affects many players in Epic Games.

What to know about slow download speed in Epic Games?

The first thing we must bear in mind is that this problem usually occurs when the launcher is stuck, however we should already be used to this type of behavior, because it unpacks files as it is downloading, therefore knowing how to fix the download speed slow takes us to take a look at some changes that we can perfectly well execute and get out of trouble.

How to fix slow download speed in Epic Games?

  •  Checking the hard disk: this is a simple way, and it allows us to verify if it is actually slow, because if we see that the hard disk is being used, the download is not stuck, of course this as long as we are not downloading anything additional, because at the end of all the unpacking intervals can only last a short time, which should have practically no effect, to check the hard disk it is necessary:

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  • Click Alt Ctrl Del.
  • Then we open the task manager to navigate to Performance and that's it.

  • View restart and administrator privileges: this is an action that we can execute when the launcher is stuck, but with which it will be necessary to be careful, even when it is a simple task, for this it is only necessary:

  • Right-click on the Epic Games icon.
  • Then we select "run as administrator" and that's it.

  •   Use VPN: there is the possibility of using VPN, however, this can bring us some inconveniences when we change the server, to solve this failure it is only necessary to exit the application before using a VPN, it seems a bit excessive, but well worth doing.

Now that you know how to fix slow download speed, it's time for you to enjoy the Epic Games launcher with peace of mind without worrying about it, give it a try.

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