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Minecraft: How to Craft Potion of Weakness

2020-05-12 12:54:32

We are back in the world of Minecraft, today we stop to explain how to Craft potions of weakness

What are the weakness options in Minecraft for?


  Before going into this matter it is important to note that they can be applied to all versions of the game that have come out to date, which is quite favorable, on the other hand these options actually allow us to achieve a reduction in body attacks to body, so our opponent will simply get a reduction for us of 0.5 hearts or 2, a rather low figure, this is where knowing How to create potions of weakness becomes really interesting.

How to create weakness potions in Minecraft?


 To do this, it is necessary in the first instance to have a place for manufacturing, so it is time to focus on creating a brewery stand, here we have two different options, on the one hand there is the possibility of getting it ready-made and this can be found simply in an igloo or the temples of the villagers of Minecraft.


 Making our beer stall is not bad and on the contrary it allows us to have the gift of construction, for this it is necessary to consider getting 3 cobblestones, this is obtained from the Nether as soon as we have eliminated the Blazes, on the other hand we need a rod of fire.


 The process to create the brewery is simple, we just need to place the 3 paving stones in the 3 grooves underneath our craft table and then place the fire stick in the center, if we want to be certain to do it, it is only necessary to guide us through the image that shown above.


 With our brewery done it is time to worry about our main goal here, knowing how to create potions of weakness, so our job is to open this booth and gather the necessary implements which are:


  •  A Fermented Spider Eye. (It can be made with sugar and a brown mushroom on the craft table).
  • Fire Powder.
  • Bottles of Water. (3 glasses are placed inside the craft table in the shape of a triangle to opt for the 3 bottles)
  • Gunpowder.


 Now, in our brewery we are going to put a bottle of water in a slot, remember that here we can see 3 at the bottom, in the slot that is above we need to place the fermented spider eye, we put the sugar powder of the fire wand inside the table and after a few seconds we get our potion.


 How to Craft weakness potion into splatter potion in Minecraft?


 To achieve this it is necessary to open the beer stall, there we must place our weakness potion in one of the slots below, gunpowder in the top slot, and voila, this simple, this is an extremely simple potion, and they can be thrown the mafia or if we wish other players.

 Now that you know how to Craft potions of weakness it is time to dedicate yourself to making yours, you will see that it has an excellent use while you are in Minecraft. It's worth a try.

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18 November 2011
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