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Minecraft Nether: How to Unlock Fast Travel

2020-06-25 10:20:06

Today we made for you a guide of Minecraft Nether with the object of explanation How to unlock fast trips, let's see.

Why unlock fast travel in Minecraft Nether?

Because sometimes it is necessary to move quickly from one place to another and there is no other way to do it with fast trips, since the idea is to make explorations especially because Minecraft Nether has brought some amount of interesting news that we cannot miss.

How to unlock fast trips in Minecraft Nether?

As we enter the world of Minecraft we realize that there are a number of interesting elements and this means that it will be necessary to explore a little more background, because although it is true we already know the possibility of knowing the terms Nether, and Overworld , it is necessary to travel between these two areas, because it is there that it is necessary to know how to unlock fast trips, because before it is only done through portals but compared to fast trips, the latter are 8 times slower.

At this time there is no need for concerns about the portals, since fast trips allow us to move more easily and quickly thanks to the most recent update where the Charm of the Speed ​​of the Soul has been included to make these trips, but this does not It means that it is easy, because the easy does not last and the idea is that this works for a time.

Enchantment is difficult to achieve but not impossible, because this has to go to the raid of the bastion remains or perhaps to the pig trade and that only there we can get. As soon as we have the enchantment it will be necessary to place sand or soul land in the Nether tunnel between the portals and choose to travel a minimum of 1o times faster than with the portals in Minecraft Nether, interesting truth.

The trip to get the sandy soil and the heart of the soul can be quite exhausting for our boots, so before doing it it is necessary to consider every minimum detail, because although it is true it requires this to know how to unlock fast trips, it is also Good to consider the effects of this trip can involve going and preparing ourselves.

After this journey and effort and with our quick trip we can give ourselves the task of exploring the Minecraft Nether update with much more tranquility and speed, since there is a lot of work to be done around here, many places to explore and many objects to get, so let's take life calmly and we are turning everything little by little because in the future more updates will come that will keep us busy.

Now that you know how to unlock fast trips you can try it and get mobilized with speed to carry out more explorations in Minecraft Nether.

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