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We invite you to discover How to find ruined portals a new task in Minecraft Nether.

  Minecraft Nether consists of the new features recently added through update 1.16, where it brought among many things the ruined portals, many of us have doubts about it, so we will have the content of this guide focused on making us known How to find ruined portals, let's just pay due attention to the following content.

What to know about the ruined portals in Minecraft Nether?

These are Nether portals that are not working properly, for different reasons, among which it may be due to the lack of an obsidian block and more, now if we want to understand how to find these portals, we must continue reading the content that will be presented in the next paragraphs, let's see what it is about.
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    How to find ruined portals in Minecraft Nether?

    The ruined portals can be recovered, otherwise if we find the location of these we will win items, it is because next to these will be a chest, which has gold tools, armor and even objects, it is also possible to extract of weeping obsidian, in this way we may make an anchor of points.

    In the Superworld and in Nether we can find the ruined portals, this is possible when you are exploring, since there is no precise location, all the biomes can be generated and even underground and water, these portals They can be fixed by removing the non-obsidian blocks from the frame and making a replacement so if they are, it must be borne in mind that for these portals the weeping obsidian does not work for the frames.

    When we have replaced the blocks that were missing or those that were not obsidian, these portals should already work correctly and we can transport ourselves to other places, the operation is the same as any other portal in Nether, if we are in Overworld we can go to Nether or the contrary.

     Knowing how to find ruined portals is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in Minecraft Nether.

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