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Lidia Rozo
2020-09-04 16:47:28

More about: Marvel's Avengers

Today we bring you a Marvel's Avengers guide where we are going to tell you how to use DNA keys

Where can we find the DNA keys in Marvel's Avengers?

It is important to know that this can only be achieved when we carry out special missions of the Vault of the Nevada Tundra, there is no other way to unlock them, this is a process that may take a while, so do not worry because everything happens calmly, Well, these are a type of special chests that have rewards inside.
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How to use the DNA keys in Marvel`s Avengers?

These are used to open the safes as they are normally closed with DNA in a biometric way and it is only possible to use them when we have carried out missions of the Vault, to carry out this process it is necessary to explore some particular points on the map, the advantage is that these are marked and reflected as icons, where there may be some chests with which it is possible to use the DNA keys that we must already have in our inventory.

This is a task that makes us move to the map of the snowy tundra where we will have the possibility of opening a deposit, for this it is necessary to run to a place where we can achieve an objective vision even when this is not entirely perfect, here it is necessary to take Some time to investigate a little, because there is the possibility that there is a box and with them some rewards that it is only possible to get them having use of the DNA keys.

This is all you need to know about how to use DNA keys as it is simply an interesting task that we can carry out in Marvel's Avengers, so it is time to embark on it and achieve it.

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