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Spellbreak: How to play with friends in crossplay

2020-09-04 09:40:38

With our Spellbreak guide you will learn more about How to play with friends in crossplay.

What to know about Spellbreak?

  The first time we enter it is necessary to create a new account, whether or not we have played the beta, the account of this game will be linked to our email, this email will allow us access on any of the platforms that we are, having the Unique ID for our account, certainly those of us who played the beta had the list of friends integrated into the list of friends of the PlayStation or epic games, this time logically it will not be like that, cross-play is what generates the most emotion in this game , so it is necessary that we understand how to play with friends in crossplay and the following details will help us to know it.

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How to play with friends in crossplay in Spellbreak?

 First of all, it is necessary that we take into account that our username must not have special characters when creating the account, the appropriate format is: Player name # 1234, being the ID that we will be able to send to other players in the form of a request of friendship directly to your game account, so that we add someone it is necessary to enter friends and go to add friend, what comes is to enter the ID of the same and we end up giving you add, regardless of the platform that it is, you must receive your request, in our case if we have received one we will go to the friend requests, by accepting it we will be able to add it to our friends list on each of the devices we play, be it PS4, Xbox, PC and the Switch.

 We can come to the conclusion that knowing how to play with friends in crossplay is easier than thought, just follow these instructions and it will be possible to have fun with friends in Spellbreak.

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