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Lost Ark offers us more tasks, let's see how to travel to other continents.

Why travel to other continents in Lost Ark?

This is one of the characteristics with which we get as we progress in this game, so that knowing how to travel to other continents allows us to go to another place, this is a task that we can execute because the game map as such it is usually large enough, and it becomes necessary to take full advantage of it.

How to travel to other continents in Lost Ark?

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This type of activity can be carried out teleporting and for this we must use Triports, this is because it allows us to go from one place to another quickly, in this sense, it is vital to use the port of each continent and take a ferry that can take us to another continent, we only have to pay a fee that usually varies according to the distance, in case of using the ship we must consider that it is difficult to lose it because one of them usually leaves every two minutes.

To use the ship in Lost Ark it is important to consider some details such as that we must talk to the legendary adventurer who is usually found in Vern Castle, and he will give us information related to the transatlantic indicating that it is fast, here we must click on "I would like to know how to use it” and by accepting the mission we get a reward of 12,000 silver, it is good to keep in mind that the Transatlantic offers us the possibility of traveling to a port that we have visited in advance and using it through Ocean Lines Agent, Riff, only It is vital to consider that some ports have certain conditions that involve completing missions, in addition to this we must add the fact that some continents are not usually connected according to the location of the port.

Knowing how to travel to other continents makes it necessary to take into account:

  • To get off the Ocean Liner it is vital to do it through Riff, nothing more than the money we have paid for the trip will not be returned to us.
  • A Riff is located in Króna of North Vern.
  • When we choose a continent in the window, we must click on “On board” to board the ocean liner.
  • We are allowed to visualize a stopwatch that will indicate the time remaining to set sail, we just have to wait a bit and that's it.

Now that you know how to travel to other continents, it's time to get involved in this new and interesting task that only Lost Ark can offer you.

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