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We have made for you a Kingdoms of Amalur guide explaining how to help Fae in Gorhart

What does Kingdoms of Amalur bring us?

This is a game that allows us to live the action in a very interesting way, it also has an easily accessible system with good control where the launch of attacks is visible in every sense of the word, because we get ourselves with attacks we tip with weapons, bows, armor, magic, in short, an interesting way to stay alive, it has some special and optional missions, precisely there is where we want to go since it is important to know how to help Fae in Gorhart, even when we complete all the missions exist some that do require it.

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How to help Fae in Gorhart in Kingdoms of Amalur?

This is an important task because it is necessary to speak with some characters as soon as we have entered the city because we found some considerable amount of injured, in the first instance it is necessary to speak with the mayor, who will tell us that another Fae is living outside the village and it is precisely with whom we should talk, his name is Aery, but before that it is necessary to start our search task to Build Bridges, because we will have to focus on curing the Fae before continuing and talking to this another character.

Now, we proceed to go to the north of Gorhart where Aery is but here we find ourselves in a dilemma since he does not really know exactly what can be done, he only offers us a suggestion and it is the Greater Healing Potion, which is one of the Most common potions in this game and more difficult for the Fae to obtain, however, we can buy it, something that is less complicated, with the potion in our hands it is time to return to Herc Adwold to complete the search.

These are the two options we have to find the Major Healing Potion:

  • Buy it at the city's Golden Age Alchemy Shop.
  • Make it ourselves in an Alchemy station for which it is necessary to use Regeants Black Cohosh, Embereyes and Bloodroot.

 This is all you need to know about How to help Fae in Gorhart, as it is only a search mission that we must carry out to help the wounded of the city in Kingdoms of Amalur.

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