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2020-09-11 09:49:41

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Kingdoms of Amalur has arrived to occupy us some time and therefore it is necessary that you know how to find storage, let's see.

What do the storages have in Kingdoms of Amalur?

  This is a game where it is important to be prepared for the fight, because the enemies usually appear regularly and this makes us have to go to places where we can get some implements to defend ourselves, specifically it is important to find the storages, because these places usually contain weapons , pieces of armor and some other type of object that can be useful, if we move quickly for this search, it is very likely that we will run out of space in our inventory but it is necessary to stay alive and that the enemies do not touch us.

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How to find storage in Kingdoms of Amalur?

 I got these storages allows us to complete some questions to acquire them through a reward which could be more useful since there is no need to buy them, because it is possible to get some chests that can contain at least space for about 300 objects inside, these are the places where it is possible to get storages:


  •  In Adessa we can get the Sandstone Village.
  • Ean Webwood we can get Cobweb End.
  • In Klurikon we can get the Sea Clock Castle ..
  • In Detyre we can get the Champion's Mansion.
  • In Rathir we can get Archsage Rooms.
  • In Detyre we can get the Aron Excavation Office.
  • At the end of the gallows we get a fortress.


 How to increase inventory size by Kingdoms of Amalur?

 As we get items, our inventory is filling up to the point of running out of space, so it is necessary to increase its size, this only requires having some backpacks, because each of them has some capacity of 10 only for this It is necessary to have between 5000 and 9000G, if we have them we simply resort to buying them, the advantage is that there are several sellers and these are:


  •  At the Corner Store in Gohart Village we can get Rikka Egest.
  • In the Idylla market we can locate Ampello.
  • In Asker Alley, Ys we can get Riona Helt.
  • In Scholia Arcana, Rathir we can get Will Donall.
  • In Mel Senshir we can get Illyn Doldran.
  • At the Domus Politica in Adessa we can get Senecer Macit.

 Now that you know how to find storage, it's time to take a journey through Kingdoms of Amalur and see that there is a lot to achieve to get away with it.

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