Lidia Rozo
2020-09-11 09:32:17

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We have made a NBA 2K21 guide for you in order to tell you about all domination rewards

What is Domination in NBA 2K21?

  This is simply a game mode that we find here and that allows us to choose to get some number of interesting rewards, since there is the possibility of winning a good sum of chips, to improve some cards of the highest levels without having to see us in the need to spend MT or VC.
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How to get all domination rewards in NBA 2K21?

 To achieve this, it is necessary to play with three teams of different categories and they are:


  •  Current NBA teams.
  • Historical teams.
  • Teams of all time.


 Another detail to consider is that stars are usually won when we win, for this it is necessary to accumulate:

  •  Points.
  • Bounces.
  • Assists.
  • Few turnovers.


 Rewards earned for the current domination.

 It is necessary to get 33 stars to achieve historical domination, for this we propose to win 3 stars for each contemporary team and thus achieve unlock a 91 Nick Van Exel Amethyst card.


 Rewards earned for Historical Domination.

 It is necessary to get a total of 33 stars to unlock the domination of All Time, for this it is necessary to earn the stars that allow us to unlock the 93 Diamond Rolando Blackman card.


 Rewards earned for Domination of All Time.

 To get it, you need to get the 95 Pink Diamond card from Diamond George Mikan.

 In general terms, knowing how to get all the domination rewards is a task that should only be executed in the indicated order, otherwise it is not possible to achieve it in NBA 2K21.