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2020-12-01 09:14:26

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In the universe of World of Warcraft Shadowlands we have many tasks, one of them is How to find Skyward Bell Treasure.

What to know about World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

  The content brought by the latest expansion is important, it is a lot to explore and discover, including the search for treasures and much more, among the many types of loot we have that the sky bell is one of them, which if we want find we must force ourselves to achieve it, with the new maps of secrets and treasures this comes to stand out, which makes us want to know how to find Skyward Bell Treasure and for the details let's see the following.
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How to find Skyward Bell Treasure in World of Warcraft Shadowlands?

There are 2 locations in which the bell appears towards the sky, taking into account that the 1st is in the memory walk and the 2nd to the north of the hero's rest, we can say that it is easier than other treasures to find these, then in In the first case, what we will do is start in the Archone Vault, where the bell can be seen from the ground, when entering the vault we have the option of teleporting to the Mnemonic Locus area in Bastion, being west of the bell, our steps have to be east of the collection walk to reach the coordinates 58.20, 64.52 through the side of the mountain, then reaching the bell and thus get the 1st loot.

Now for the 2nd bell, we have to go to the hero's rest area, towards the north of the coordinates 46.23, 34.80, starting from here we will notice that the bell is just below us on the opposite side of the cliff, so a jump should suffice To get to it later by walking and accessing the loot, knowledge is certainly essential in this search related to the routes, as long as it is in this way it can be made easier for us to complete this search.

 So we finished our guide on How to find Skyward Bell Treasure, hoping that you can get the best out of World of Warcraft Shadowlands, a very moving game.

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