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The games offer various tasks to perform, let's see How to unlock Hunter's safe in Hello Neighbor 2.

Why unlock Hunter's safe in Hello Neighbor 2?

  Because this is an important item in the game and it usually houses a book-shaped key, so it is necessary to know How to unlock Hunter's safe in Hello Neighbor 2, considering that this task is part of the activities to be executed and We are in the presence of a riddle, this implies taking care of working a little until we find the combination to open the box and claim the reward that is inside it.

How to unlock Hunter's safe in Hello Neighbor 2?

  It is necessary to take care of marking the numbers with the appropriate color combination, it should be noted that this code does not usually change, it is always the same:
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    blue 8

    purple 0

    white 1

    Red 6.

    Green 4.


      This combination allows us to get the shovel from the roof and thus unearth the safe in the Garden and we will enter the codes to get the key.

    To complete the puzzle we must have the pieces of the map to get the code, only to be able to get to them we must take care of solving several puzzles, it is not an easy task to execute with a hunter who is usually wandering around the house and in dice In case he can find us, he will simply take care of throwing us out of the house.

      Now, to obtain the pieces of the map we must take into account that there are a total of 5 pieces, but we require a total of 4 because the first of these pieces is usually nailed to the wall in Hunter's bedroom, the piece It is easier to get it to be inside a chest that is closed under the stairs, the key to this chest is usually inside a pillow on Hunter's bed, this makes it necessary to take care of using the cards to open the pillow and get the key.

      Another piece that we must look for is usually found in the mouth of the bear statue, we must have a lever to get this piece.

      The third piece that we must look for is usually inside the microwave, to access it we must open it and this implies activating the four boar heads that are usually throughout the house, this implies turning them to make the eyes shine, after a while, we must be very fast because these are usually deactivated and this makes it necessary to have to repeat it.

      The fourth and last piece involves finding missing letters in the refrigerator, these are usually needed to open it, it has one of the shafts that fail, we must join this shaft on the wall near the bookcase to open a secret compartment and this usually has the key to the map.

      Once we have found it, we must meet them in Hunter's bedroom where the first piece is and reveal the code.

      Now that you know how to unlock Hunter's safe in Hello Neighbor 2, you can access this task and thus get the key, try it.

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