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As we get into the games we are presented with some inconveniences, let's see How to repair Hull in Ixion.

What is involved in repairing the hull in Ixion?

Taking charge of executing a task that is actually quite complex and requires some risk, this in the middle of a game where surviving is one of the most vital tasks, it is necessary to take charge of moving the Tiqqun and when doing so there are high probabilities to get the hull to be damaged, in this case, we must repair it, it should be noted that there is the possibility of getting it to seem like continuous damage, which makes it necessary to be working constantly, for our good fortune applying these fixes can be simple, this as long as we know what to do, so we invite you to read this guide that will detail things a little more.

How to repair Hull in Ixion?

It should be noted that we must take care of investigating the EVA Airlock structure, and it is that this is nothing more than a structure that offers us the ability to build important things, such is the case of:

  • Solar panels.
  • The engines outside the Tiqqun.

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    By doing these types of activities, we are allowed to achieve the continuous expansion of the electrical network and the ability to repair the hull of the station, this is a task that we must take care of doing throughout the game, this usually occurs because we are He has assigned a ship that tends to collapse continuously, this makes it necessary to repair by assigning alloy around the EVA airlock station, when it is turned on it will spend to repair the hull that is more and more exhausted.

    In this task to know How to repair the helmet in Ixion it is necessary to take into account that for EVA Airlock to be able to repair the Tiqqun we require some supplies of constant alloy, when each supply runs out we must resort to a basic mining element, this can be achieved from the construction of the survival cities and from this node to access other resources necessary to produce more, so that we can claim it, and it is easy to do, we must connect an alloy reserve to a resource deposit that are in the empty sectors of Tiqqun with a path and proceed to click the button that appears in the building material depot.

    It is possible to have more alloy flow and for this we must use the mining mechanics, this makes it necessary to use the Docking Bay structure with which Tiqqun begins, this makes it necessary to order the construction of a mining ship when we have the polymer to do it, with the ship complete we will use probe to find the iron deposit in the system and send the probe there, when we get the place we will send the mining ship through the fleet management screen, and it will extract any resources that we have discovered, we will bring it to Tiqqun, we will use the cargo ship we have built in the docking bay to collect the iron

    Once we have the iron, we must take care of building a steel mill in the station, the iron reserve usually feeds the steel plant and this implies converting iron 15 into alloy 15 in each cycle, as long as the plant is fed and has enough staff.

    It is important to consider that as we progress in the story, the Tiqqun will begin to suffer damage quickly, and we will only get an EVA airlock, this is usually not enough to repair the station, we must be ready to expand and for this we will have to In order to build several EVA airlocks in various sectors, it is vital to increase the production of alloys and iron extraction.

    In general terms, knowing how to repair Hull in Ixion implies working constantly and thus continuing to progress through the story.

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