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Halo: requirements for pc

2019-12-03 22:35:34

Do you want to play Halo from your computer? Then you should know what are the requirements for pc, so take a look here and find out the details.

 Halo is a science fiction video game, which you can enjoy through Steam, Microsoft Store, or through the Xbox Game Pass PC subscription service. Therefore, we have brought a guide that allows you to know the requirements to play on pc.

The new Halo

The Microsoft team managed to update the game for newer consoles and PCs in order to offer players a high quality experience. And already many have been wondering what they need to be able to play from their PC, if you are one of them, you should pay attention to the following.

Halo - Requirements for pc

Minimum requirements:Recommended requirements:

- 20 GB available space - 20 GB available space
On his hard drive. On his hard drive.
- Windows 7 operating system.- Windows 10 operating system.
- 8 GB of RAM - 8 GB of RAM.
- AMD HD 6850 - AMD Radeon R7 360
or an NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 graphics card, or an NVIDIA GTX 560 TI graphics card.
- AMD Phenom II X4 960T - AMD FX-4100
or an Intel i3550 processor. or an Intel i7-870 processor.
- DirectX 11 and Direct3D level - DirectX 11 and Direct3D level
of characteristic 11.1.of characteristic 11.1.

As you will see the difference between the minimum requirements and the recommended ones is not so great. In both ways you will be able to enjoy the game with the highest graphics and resolution from your PC. Although you can modify its configuration according to your tastes as a player.

 Now that you know the requirements for pc, you can enter a new adventure for Halo.

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