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Halo Reach: How to Get into Forge

2019-12-05 12:46:07

The topic to highlight in the content of this guide is how to enter Forge in Halo Reach.

We have in Halo The Master Chief Collection including the Halo Reach, which is optimized so that we can play them all in our PC, which is about a group of Spartans, who have sacrificed to preserve many lives, in difficult circumstances, humanity has its last hope on the planet Reach, presenting opposition to the destruction of the earth and the extinction of the entire human race, we will see how to enter Forge through the DLC later.

What should we know about the Halo Reach DLC?

The DLC that we have in Halo Reach will be focused on how to enter Forge early, for this purpose an explanation will be made about the content that will be presented in the continuity of this guide, there is a lot of information to which we must take into account, so It will be important to be aware of what follows.

What are the features of Halo Reach for PC?

The graphics of this game look better than before, now that it is optimized for PC, which also includes support for the use of the mouse and keyboard, ultra-wide support, adaptive synchronization support, FOV customization and many things plus.

Through 11 missions we must pass in chapter 1 of this saga.

In this mode we have included a revised progression system, customization with definition of generations, 20 maps and several classic modes of the saga such as Firefight and invasion and in 2020 will be Forge and Theater, here we will be able to use all the content which was taken on the Xbox 360.

Confrontation on all sides, in which we can participate individually or together to survive the enemies that cross our path and that their difficulty will be greater as it progresses.

How to enter Forge in Halo Reach?

To do this we must navigate to:

  • SteamsteamappscommonHalo The Master Chief CollectionMCCContentPaksMCC-WindowsNoEditor.pak
  • We will create a backup copy of the file before we change anything
  • Press Ctrl G in HxD
  • Enter 1E302110 as HEX and press OK, having the cursor on a line that starts with 00 selected
  • We change 00 to 27
  • We will look for 1E2F52D0 by pressing Ctrl G again
  • Again we change the first 00 with the 27
  • We will save the changes
  • We load Master Chief Collection

What to do to find the Forge maps in Halo Reach?

- Open the menu and place the mouse cursor in the right area of the screen in the main menu
- We click on our name
- Click on search player
- We are looking for "best Halo Reach forge maps".
- In the records of the best maps of Forge we will place the gamertags of the players.
- We will download the old maps of the game when entering the file sharing

We conclude with the explanation, this being how to enter Forge in Halo Reach, what will lead us to achieve it are these guidelines presented here, which are useful is what we expect.

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