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Halo Infinite is very busy and today it leads us to discover How to use Dynamo grenades.

What to know about Dynamo grenades in Halo Infinite?

  It is one of the types of grenades available in the game, it does not detonate, it causes dispersed damage through the electric field with a certain duration, it has a lot to offer and it leads us to know how to use it, stop it The following content will guide us, let's see.

How to use Dynamo grenades in Halo Infinite?

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    The electric field: this is the result created by the grenade, which will cause damage to the Spartans, it is efficient to trap opponents or clear some specific areas that we cannot access.

    The disabling of vehicles: this type of grenade is capable of taking vehicles out of service when it is close to the electric field caused, it makes the vehicle turn off but it will still remain operational, with several grenades it is possible to stop many at the same time weather.,

    The constant damage: it is an important characteristic, the damage will be distributed while we are pressing it constantly, it should be noted that it cannot be knocked down by the enemies, which means that they cannot counteract it.

      It is clear that knowing how to use Dynamo grenades allows us to have more fun in Halo Infinite.

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