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Today we bring a Farming Simulator 22 guide where we will explain how to change difficulty.

Why change difficulty in Farming Simulator 22?

Because it is simply ideal to adapt to the one that may be more favorable to us, not necessarily all of us are in the same capacity, in such a way that knowing offers us the opportunity to make modifications and this is good, especially considering that this game usually offers us a cooperative agriculture of which is possible to enjoy.

How to change difficulty in Farming Simulator 22?

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    It is necessary to take into account that there are three levels of difficulty in this game and that each one of them usually has its own peculiarity, the idea is to select the one that can adapt to our capacity, then we are going to leave you a brief description of them.


    •  Easy Difficulty: this is the new farmer difficulty, which is where we usually start as farmers, here we are offered the possibility of having aluna amount of land, tools and buildings, it is usually composed of cultivation and harvest that allow to make the economy in Farming Simulator 22 is stable, even though we may have various inconveniences while we are in the middle of a cultivation process, we manage to get a good sum of money.
    • Medium Difficulty: this is part of the difficulties that this game has, so knowing how to change the difficulty leads us to consider that it may turn out to be a little more complex, here there is no equipment, there are no lands, however, allows us to receive money that is usually favorable to us because with this we will buy the land and equipment to make the economy stabilize, however, the benefit here of some products is not exactly the most favorable to make it happen, we must give ourselves to the task of increasing the economy and ensuring that the price of the crops could be reasonable.
    • Difficult Difficulty: as its name indicates in Farming Simulator 22 this is usually a bit complex, here we are faced with a challenge where we start from scratch without money, we will also see that the `` price of crops is usually quite low, we will be in debt, the The amount of money that we have is hardly enough for some lands, however, knowing how to change the difficulty makes it necessary to have effort and perseverance to survive, in this difficulty things must be applied in a somewhat more Realistically, we take care of sowing some seeds, we carry out fertilization tasks, we spray the crops in order to make them grow, it is necessary to follow the steps to the letter to make our crop grow and thus progress.


     Now that you know how to change the difficulty, you can give yourself the opportunity to choose the option that you consider most favorable in Farming Simulator 22.

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