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In the Genshin Impact universe we have many tasks, one of them is how to use Diona and here we will tell you how to do it.

What to know about Diona in Genshin Impact?

She is a healer squire who can join our team, despite not standing out with her abilities as others can be a fundamental part of our team structure, which makes it important that we know how to use Diona and for this we can guide ourselves with the next content, let's see it.

How to use Diona in Genshin Impact?

The best performance of Diona will be at the moment of achieving level 2 of the constellations, being a better role in the cooperative of Genshin Impact, it should be noted that on how to use Diona the use of the following considerations.
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    The healing: we are talking about a support character that has an elemental mix as a priority, causes cryotherapy when launching it will create an ice field known as drunken fog, this causes our opponents a constant cryo damage within the AOE, while the As a result teammates will be regenerating their HP, also in terms of how to use Diona in Genshin Impact note that the ATK of the opponent will be reduced with the passive talent drunken farce, this by 10 percent for 15 seconds when on the field of ice that has been created.

    The shield: these are the frozen claws, with which opponents are shot creating a shield at the moment of impact, it should be noted that you must hit to create the shield, because doing so in an open place ends up vanishing the attack without creating Nothing, now in terms of how to use Diona there is also the secret menu of the cat's tail, which allows to improve the speed of its movements by the shield of frozen claws, apart from that at that moment the consumption is reduced of the character's resistance in Genshin Impact, it is opportune to unlock the level 2 constellation to add shields to the members who are nearby, the details are that it will be at half their power and for 5 seconds, but it will be important.

    The cryo attacks: this type of damage is caused by Diona in Genshin Impact by the elemental ability and the burst against the opponents, this being of great importance when seeing a molten elemental reaction team or super conduit, being then one of the Better ways to utilize Diona by having her offensive capabilities alongside her support abilities, now with the unlocking of Constellation Level 4, we can quickly load up the shots by 60 percent when the opponent is seen on the field of fire. ice from the signature mix, causing more Cryo dalo.

    The maximum levels of the constellations: regarding how to use Diona in Genshin Impact we have that the maximum of the constellations is 7, the final level being the closing time of the cat's tail, which allows to improve the mix of signatures and with their support abilities, adding 30 percent healing for characters with 50 percent HP remaining or less, in case those who are above add an elemental bonus of 200.

    The weapons: the ideal focus will be on the energy recharge bonus, which allows the spam of the burst or to have the healing capacity, among the weapons is the sacrifice bow, this is 4 star in rarity, it has an effect passive that allows us to restart the elementary ability when hitting an opponent, adding more shield to the whole team if we do it in Genshin Impact with a C2, even when using its ability we can have a greater accumulation of energy, another option of the weapons is With the Favonius Warbow, it has a better energy recharge rate bonus than the previous weapon, in terms of how to use Diona you can regenerate energy or elemental particles, there is also the Elegy of the End that turns out to be a 5 bow stars that has a secondary statistic of the recharge rate, it has a fairly high ATK improving Cryo attacks, being up to 60 the refinement effect when hitting an opponent, continuously mixing fi rma will deal damage within the opponents AOE even triggering the refinement effect without Diona being in the field.

    The artifacts and the construction of statistics: in Genshin Impact considering the maximum HP that Diona has, the strength of the shield will be based and the HP that can be regenerated through the mixture of signatures, taking into account the rate of energy recharge, If we focus on the curandera, the use of the 4 pieces of Maiden Beloved is required, another option is with the 4-piece set of Noblesse Oblige, achieving an increase in damage by Cryo and receiving an ATK bonus, taking into account on how to use Diona the healing is an option the combination of the 2 pieces Maiden Beloved and 2 pieces of Tenacity of Millelith, resulting in that the healing increases by 15 percent and the HP by 20 percent, which ensures an acceptable performance in the different situations despite not being the best to support us.

     Now that we know how to use Diona, all that remains is to apply the instructions and keep progressing while having fun with what Genshin Impact offers us.

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