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This time we return with a Halo Infinite guide with the aim of explaining how to have Aim Assist.

What to know about Halo Infinite?

The duration of season 1 of the game is until May 2022, which will give us enough time to take advantage of the extensive content we have in the cooperative campaign and other options, we are certainly in the early launch, but at this moment there are important things to do. Do between which is the promotion of rank and obtaining rewards, now in some game situations perhaps assistance is required to aim, the questions are if this is possible and to know it you just have to continue with the following text.

How to have Aim Assist at Halo Infinite?

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    It is not possible to have this in the game, despite being compatible with crossplay on PC we cannot count on assistance, while for consoles it does appear, there are options even for the intensity of it through the settings, something that can put those of us who are on PC at a disadvantage and who are using controls that have such assistance.

    Now that we know how to have Aim Assist, we just have to accept that it is not possible if we are on PC, which complicates the performance of many in Halo Infinite.

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    December 8, 2021
    Single-player, multiplayer
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