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With our Battlefield 2042 guide, you will learn more about How to check FPS.

What to know about the FPS in Battlefield 2042?

This is something important for a game that has high graphics, being ideal that we are aware of the rate that it is performing on our PC, now to know how to check it, let's see the following content in this guide.

How to check FPS in Battlefield 2042?

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    Depending on where we are, we will do the following:

    • In Steam: we go to the upper left to locate the word Steam, here we give it to access the configuration, in that window we will go to the game, and it is necessary that the FPS count is displayed on the screen, so we will activate it By pressing the Shift-Tab we have a default shortcut of the overlay.
    • In Origin: we give it in our EA ID that we have in the lower left corner, here we will go to the settings and the Origin In-Game tab, we look for the game to adjust the FPS settings to show the FPS counter, choosing the size and transparency of it.
    • In the game: we have this option by pressing the tilde key, we enter the game console and here we must write the command perfoverlay.drawfps 1, and we give it enter.

    Knowing how to check FPS is interesting, because it allows us to be aware of our game and its maximum performance, as in the case of Battlefield 2042.

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