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Lidia Rozo
2021-09-07 15:11:47

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Discord is often inconvenient, allowing you to explain how to fix the installation failed.

What implies the installation has failed in Discord?

There are high chances of encountering this failure and therefore it is necessary to know how to fix the installation has failed, this because we are not allowed to execute the installation process and therefore we will not be able to use Discord, this can be frustrating and is That is why today we bring you some simple solutions that can get you out of these troubles.

How to fix Installation failed on Discord?

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Check the connection: sometimes many processes tend to fail due to connection problems, in this sense, knowing how to fix the installation has failed leads us to check the internet connectivity, when it is slow it can throw us problems, which implies restarting the router or contact the provider, however, there is the possibility of changing the network, sometimes this can make a difference by avoiding the error in Discord, it is a necessary task to execute because some networks can result faster than others and that is where we will see the changes.

Disable the antivirus: we continue talking about how to fix the installation has failed and we reach a point where it is necessary to deactivate the antivirus, this because on some occasions it will see applications or games as a type of threats and therefore the errors, in this sense, it is necessary to deactivate the antivirus temporarily and for this it will be necessary to go to the menu of our software and look for the option to deactivate or exit completely, this does not usually cause any damage, because once we manage to repair the Discord failure, we simply proceed to activate the antivirus again and that's it.

Deactivate Discord and delete the folders: if the previous solutions have not been favorable, it is necessary to be a little more radical to know how to fix the installation has failed and this leads us to deactivate it from our PC so that we will do all the tasks that may be running they are simply finished, implying with it the option of deleting the folders that are on our computer and for which we must:


  •  Press Windows R simultaneously.
  • We are shown a dialog box where we select "Run".
  • Then we proceed to write "taskmgr" and click "OK".
  • When the task manager opens, we will scroll to the bottom where it will be necessary to click on "More details" and where we are allowed to see the applications that may be running on our PC.
  • We will look for Discord in the list and click with the right mouse button on it to select “End task”.
  • It is possible to have to repeat this action more than once, this is usually several according to the number of processes that may be running.
  • Then we close the Task Manager and open the dialog box where we will write "%AppData%" and click "OK".
  • Next we are shown a window where we will locate Discord, and we will right-click on it.
  • We proceed to select "Delete" in the list that is shown.
  • We repeat the last four steps again, only this time we will write "%LocalAppData% instead of %AppData%".
  • To finish we reboot our PC, install Discord one more time and that's it.

 This is all we know about how to fix the installation failed, so you can apply these solutions and thereby get rid of this failure in Discord.

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