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With our guide you will learn more about how to unlock WM 29 Pistol in GTA Online.

¿What to know about the WM 29 pistol in GTA Online?


  With the arrival of the recent winter update, we have added challenges and events focused on Christmas, added to a lot to collect, we have added the Die Hard event, which allows us to add this WM 29 pistol for free, to be aware of what to do to unlock it, let's follow the following content closely.


¿How to unlock WM 29 Pistol in GTA Online?

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You have to go to the Weazel Plaza building where we will kill and loot the objective that is on the roof, this is similar to the real life building that was used as Nakatomi Plaza in the original Die Hard movie, now with the event based on the same a very explosive shooting occurs on the roof at the same time that there are helicopters everywhere.


  We have to be in the game session for at least 20 minutes, we wait between 8 pm and 6 pm, we will go to the location mentioned before, we will be on the roof where it is required to eliminate all the enemies, looting the body, we get the pistol, if we do the same thing again we can access a wallet with $25,000.

  We can conclude that knowing how to unlock WM 29 Pistol in GTA Online is easier than thought, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it.

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