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The action in GTA Online does not stop, which will lead us to tell you how to obtain the GTA Online acid laboratory.

What to know about the GTA Online acid laboratory?

It is something that we can control by configuring it in the game, only having to find it considering the correctness of the corresponding approach, it is opportune to be aware of what to do to obtain it and for this, a group of indications are presented in this guide. and these are the following.

How to get GTA Online acid lab?

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You have to complete 6 missions for this, accessing the First Dose Dax contract to obtain these missions, these being designated driver, welcome to the troop, fatal raid, make war, not love, controlled substance and off the rails , now by completing all of them we get the Brickade 6 × 6 truck, only that we must also complete the free roaming mission with the marked locations, when this is this we will be able to know that it is a warehouse and that we must steal for the use of the laboratory.

Upon reaching the location, a group of guards are in the area, we have to eliminate them to use the forklift, which allows us to move the equipment to the truck, the next thing is that we take the truck to The Freakshop, facing some enemies again, now we configure the laboratory, we must pay an amount to Mutt who is located near the truck, the amount to be paid being $7,50,000 and with this the installation of the equipment is done, but we can do it for free with GTA, having the laboratory ready we agree to the Manchez Scout C bicycle that we can use for a different purpose.

  In conclusion, knowing how to obtain the GTA Online acid laboratory is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in this game.

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