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In GTA Online universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to collect snowballs in GTA Online and it will be covered in details here.

¿What to know about snowballs in GTA Online?


  With the arrival of the DLC of the holy Drug Wars we have interesting things added to the game, entering the environment snow into the fold, an icy precipitation that will be an object turning it into a snowball, with the purpose of taking advantage of the We have parties that now it is appropriate to be aware of what to do to collect snowballs and to help us is the following content.


¿How to collect snowballs in GTA Online?

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What is required is to be unarmed to press the appropriate action button, we are going to collect the snowballs, this button may be different depending on the platform in which we are playing, then we must load an online game server, it is It is important that we have holstered whatever weapon we have held to be unarmed, the next thing is to stop in the snow.

  Now by pressing the d-pad on PlayStation, to the right on the Xbox or G d-pad on PC we will be picking up the snowball, we will choose it through the wheel of our weapon, we will aim as if we had an ordinary weapon and we will press the shoot button to launch the snowball, it will not last long, such items will be removed when the next weekly content comes.

  In conclusion, knowing how to collect snowballs in GTA Online is interesting because it allows us to develop and have more fun in such a busy game.

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