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GTA Online users, cheer up, because we introduced our article on how to unlock the Nagasaki ultralight.

What is the GTA Online Nagasaki Ultralight?

This is one of the rewards that will be available to you and that you can get this week for participating in the pilot week in GTA Online to plan all over the GTA map.

How to unlock the Nagasaki ultralight in GTA Online?

To unlock the ultralight you can log in and play at any time this week. Based on what Rockstar Games has said, you will be able to play the pilot week and unlock faster from a single seat. Head to Elitás' trip for more details.

What are the other GTA Online pilot week rewards?

50 percent discount on the following hangers and improvements:
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    • Strong Zancudo Hangar A2.
    • Hangar renovations.
    • LSIA Hangar A17.
    • Hangar LSIA 1.
    • Hangar Fort Zancudo 3499.
    • Hangar Fort Zancudo 3497.

    30 percent discount on Progen T20. For Sale Vehicles included. 40 percent off FH-1 Hunter and 0 percent off garage properties.

    • Nagasaki Ultralight - FREE.
    • Pegassi Osiris: 30 percent discount.
    • Coil Rocket Voltic - 30 percent off.
    • Declasse Scramjet: 30 percent discount.
    • LF-22 Starling - 40 percent off.
    • Western Rogue: 40 percent off.
    • RM-10 Bombushka: 40 percent discount.

    This is how we finish this article on how to unlock the Nagasaki ultralight in GTA Online from GTA Online, we hope that it has had the greatest utility possible and you can get the most out of this week and manage to get the ultralight and restore the rewards without complications.

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