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We invite you to discover How to get a garage, a new task in GTA Online.

What to know about GTA Online?

After the expansion for the game, it is ideal to have an idea of where the vehicles we have can be stored, considering that the garage is the best option for this, these are constructions that are related to a building that must be added, so it is perfect that How to get a garage is understood and is the focus of this guide, so let's see what it brings to it.
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    How to get a garage in GTA Online?


    •  Buying a house: With the property usually comes a garage, which is ideal to determine the size of this prior to the purchase, then we can see through our phone when opening its internet menu when choosing a Dynasty icon 8 Real State looking at the available properties, in some of these you should notice an icon alluding to a car, which indicates that said property has a garage, being useful to store our vehicles, the more expensive the property, the larger the garage, buying a house may be the right option for this task.
    • The extension of the office: the customization option is presented if we buy the office buildings, among which to place a parking lot is an option, where we can store a significant number of vehicles, considering that up to 3 separate levels would be placed, which are distributed in 7 vehicles in the lower one and 6 in levels 2 and 3, as long as the purchase of 3 garages is made, the purchase of offices can lead us to be able to accumulate a huge number of vehicles, taking into account that there are An expense apart from everything by having the garage mechanic, being this $50, we can also put a workshop for modifications, avoiding driving to another distant place.
    • Adding a Penthouse: It is possible to use the diamond casino as a garage, until we get to personalize it as a penthouse, managing to do it through the choice as a complement, only that the cost is $900,000 and having just 10 spaces, managing to have certain advantage in our trips related to our online games.


    Knowing how to get a garage is interesting, since it allows us to develop more fun in GTA Online.

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