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Special Guide: Everything You Should Know When investigating the explosion at the Oak Tree in Grounded

  In the game, when you get to this crucial part of the game there are a number of things you should know before continuing. When you are in the middle of the game, just when you are about to start the mystery machine in Grounded, you will witness an explosion near the oak at the other end of the map, so you must go to the place to start the investigation.
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    How to investigate the explosion at the Oak Tree in Grounded

    You should know that in this area you will find many spiders, which is very characteristic of this area. Still, there is a place that will allow you to enter the area, you just need to go to a specific place on the map, as shown above.

    Here you will find a long tree root that stretches from the oat tree to the edge of the grass, and you can run along it, avoiding the vast majority of spiders in the area.

    Once you are in that place, follow the path that leaves the pile of roots to the area that is smoking, and here you will find a broken door. Enter to find the Oat Tree Lab. If you continue down the hall, you will come to a room with two closed doors.

    Raise the cassette on the first console, move the second console with the six buttons and a switch. You must put all six buttons green, then open the door by pressing the switch.

    You will have to put them all in the respective green color and this is done by pressing each button and watch very carefully what other buttons change color. The only details is that there is no way to reset the buttons, so we can't tell you exactly in what order to press them to open the door.

    Once you are able to enter the portal, a small robot will come out and attack you, and you can easily defeat it. Enter the laboratory to discover a new friend and an interesting secret.

     Now that you know everything that is being investigated the explosion in the oak in Grounded you can advance your adventure discovering new and increasingly important secrets.

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