Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-05 08:09:10

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Guide to know where to find broodmother spider on Earth

It is a true custom of the game that objects are hidden everywhere on the map, for example, There are secret caves containing a four-leaf clover, an underground tunnel system that produces a special armor of bees and a fight of hidden bosses in a La Hedge Broodmother hedge can be found at the edge of the map, in the berry tree on the east side, but getting there is a bit difficult.

Where to find broodmother spider on Earth?

You will have to carefully navigate the map and then move safely through the branches of the hedge. Due to the complexity of this tour below we explain how you should proceed.

When you get to the end, you will come to a frisbee that is trapped in the hedge, and Broodmother will be with an Orbweaver for backup.
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The trick now is to stay on the branch and kill them both with arrows. It will take a bit of time due to its large health pools, but it's a much better option than jumping onto the platform and being wiped out by two massive spiders.

When both spiders are dead, you can safely jump onto the platform and loot the bodies, although in this

Now that you know where to find broodmother spider on Earth, you can advance very carefully in the game to avoid losing unnecessarily. Luck!