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2022-02-04 07:44:45

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Gran Turismo 7 is close to being released, and that makes it necessary to tell you about the Legendary Cars List.

What does it mean to talk about legendary cars in Gran Turismo 7?

Legendary cars are perhaps one of the most relevant features that we get in this game, and it offers us the opportunity to have some unique vehicles.

It is necessary to keep in mind that these legendary cars themselves do not usually have unique abilities on the circuits, however, they have a particular impact, this allowing us to remember the culture of vehicles, especially for the 1900s.
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These legendary cars allow us to learn a little more about some models from years ago and where certain vehicles managed to make history over time, here we are talking about vehicles that do not have special features, but that somehow set a pattern in the history and here they are given a kind of recognition.

What is the List of all legendary cars in Gran Turismo 7?

It is necessary to take into account that until now not much has been revealed, but what we do know is that they usually have a considerable cost, in this sense, it is necessary to have between 100,000 and 20 million credits, because they are the prices between them. Which ones can be found.

These are the legendary cars that have been confirmed so far:

  •  98 AMG CLK-LM
  • Ashton Martin, DB5 '65
  • Ferrari 250 GTO CN.3729GT '62
  • '29 Mercedes-Benz S Barker Tourer
  • Porsche 917K '70
  • Jeep Willys MB '45.

In this sense, knowing the List of all legendary cars allows us to take into account that we can use vehicles that are usually quite old, but that somehow made history and now Gran Turismo 7 allows us to use them.

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