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Gran Turismo 7 has come to make us live a life of speed, let's see How to get a Toyota Supra.

What is the Toyota Supra in Gran Turismo 7?

This is one of the cars that we have in this game that is usually a classic, making use of this car is a necessary task and in this sense, we will have to focus on looking for the vehicle that is fully available and with which we can enjoy some particular races.

How to get a Toyota Supra in Gran Turismo 7?

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We can get this car in the Used Car Market, it will only be enough to move to carry out the search, we will only have to have a total of 96,900 credits in our pocket and when we buy it we will go to the GT Auto to add some particular touches to the car, it arises necessary keep in mind that this Toyota Supra has been present throughout the franchise.

It is good to keep in mind some details because Gran Turismo has:


  •   Supra 3.1 GT Turbo from 1998.
  • RZ from 1997.


  It is good to keep in mind that the Toyota Supra can reach speeds of 3058 kph / 191 mph, in addition to providing us with 471 Performance Points, which makes this car without a doubt an excellent acquisition to enjoy some specific races that require it. .

  We end this guide on How to get a Toyota Supra, so that it will only be enough to make the respective purchase in Gran Turismo 7.

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