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Now that Gran Turismo 7 has been released you will want to know how to improve oversteer, so pay attention because in this article we have it covered.

What is oversteer in Gran Turismo 7?

This is a common problem when driving rear wheel drive cars (FR, MR and RR) as when cornering you may feel the rear end slide out, the rear wheels spin and you lose speed i.e. everything Opposite of understeer. That is why here we will teach you how to improve oversteer, so pay attention.

How to improve oversteer in Gran Turismo 7?

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If you are wondering how to improve oversteer in Gran Turismo 7, the first way to correct it is to improve your cornering technique. If you brake hard on a tight corner and hit the throttle hard coming out of the corner, you'll be oversteering all over the place.

The key is to get out of the corner without rushing. So accelerate slowly as you come off the apex of the corner and accelerate slowly while relaxing the steering as the track straightens out.

Another way to correct this is by setting the tuning appropriately. Keep in mind that power upgrades should be started with tire upgrades, weight reduction, brakes and suspension in order to reduce oversteer.

We also recommend you install a spoiler and install it smoother.

Another thing that can correct oversteer is to turn up your car's traction control, from the assist settings menu, after entering a race but before starting it.

The key is to have enough traction control, to spend less power accelerating out of corners.

 That is all you need to know about how to improve oversteer in Gran Turismo 7 and now that we have reached this point, we hope that you can sufficiently correct this problem of rear wheel drive cars.

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