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We invite you to discover how to get multiple numbers to single phone and this can be done thanks Google Voice, let's see.

What is the purpose of getting multiple numbers on one phone at Google Voice?

Although the Google Voice service is quite limited given that it is not available to users outside the United States or Canada, but it is still very widely used, especially considering that a considerable amount of the population has access to mobile phones and This is where our question about how to obtain several numbers in a single phone usually fits, one might think that a single phone number should be enough per user, however, this does not necessarily happen this way, there are those who tend to have secondary numbers, there are several reasons why they usually do it and this is not in any discussion.

There are those who look for telephones only so that they can be fixed at home or business offices, or those who use it only for personal reasons and therefore have more than one number, however, the issue of call management can become a matter agitated by what arises necessary to know how to obtain several numbers in a single phone and that this can make our life a little easier, for which it is necessary to resort to Google Voice and in this way, thanks to technology, we are allowed to carry out some procedures and provide us with some actions quickly and where it is possible to obtain different numbers, so stay here to go into details.

How to get multiple numbers to single phone in Google Voice?

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Thanks to the Google Vioce service there is the possibility of calling anyone in the US, in addition to Canada, for which it is only necessary to access the Gmail account and this is done for free, today the numbers use be random which could generate some doubt and that the other person may not answer the call, however, there is the possibility of using some action and getting this to take a turn, linking the numbers only that this can become something complex.

Today there are two options that can be applied to get several numbers to a single phone and these are:

Choose to create several accounts:
for this it is necessary to create several Google accounts and therefore obtain a GVN for each of them, where we are allowed to have the chance of creating a call system to which it is possible to receive them at different numbers mobile phones and that can be diverted to our main number Google Voice, this allows to facilitate the reception of calls without having to enter and exit various accounts.

Choose to create several random mobile numbers:
this is another option that can be favorable, for this it is necessary to make use of the random mobile number generator tool and proceed to link them to different Google Voice accounts, this is an easy enough action, but it is not the most recommended, this because specifically Google usually has strict policies when it comes to multiple voice account numbers, and this could end in the cancellation of accounts linked to numbers that are not usually the main landlines or mobile.

In general terms, knowing how to get multiple numbers to single phone allows us to have the possibility of communicating more easily and comfortably without having to resort to major tasks in Google Voice.

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